Tamaki College Remember ANZAC 2020

As a school Tamaki College reflects on ANZAC Day as we draw links with our country, our community and our college.

ANZAC Day is an opportunity for our country, community and college to remember those who served, fought and died in the war and honour those returned and serving servicemen and women.

Over the years a number of former students have served in the military, both in New Zealand and overseas, currently serving in New Zealand Navy Susana Sili, Jimmy Timoteo, Taverio Mauala, Ofa Vakauta, Kafele Ababa, Joe Vala, while Sheena Tua, Joseph Kaiere, Semisi Latu and Soane Tiseli serve in the New Zealand Army.

We also remember Joseph Tua who served in the Navy, and who is now at rest.

As a College we would also like to acknowledge Staff Cairns who served our country for over 20 years before becoming the Director of our Service Academy.

Kia Kaha Kia Toa

#LestWeForget See Less #StandAtDawnService