August 30, 2020 *Important Reminders*

All Students can return to school tomorrow Monday 31st, 2020 at Alert Level 2 at 10am. We have all health and safety measures in place to ensure it is safe.

* If you are sick, are self-isolating or have been advised to stay home to await COVID-19 tests results, you MUST stay home. If your child becomes sick at school you will be contacted to pick them up.

Online learning will continue to be available for Week 1 of Alert Level 2 for those who remain at home for the above reasons.

* We have been encouraged by our Prime Minister to wear a face covering whenever we leave our homes. If your child is travelling by public transport (bus or train) they MUST wear a face covering.

* Please ensure that your child has their device, device charger, lunch and a named water bottle as the school gates will remain closed during school hours.

* School will start at 10:00am tomorrow for all students and will then go back to normal school/timetabled hours from Tuesday onwards.

For more information about public health measures at Alert Level 2 you can visit the COVID-19 website, and if you have any questions about next week please get in touch. https://covid19.govt.nz/

Email: info@tamaki.ac.nz
Free phone: 0800 182 625

Be Kind, Be Safe, Stay Home, Save Lives and Stop the Spread.