Tamaki College ‘Cans’ Detention for Year 13 Students

In a first of its kind strategy the Year 13 Dean has canned detention for Year 13 who are late to school, instead requiring them to bring a can food to donate to the Glen Innes Food Bank.

In an effort to support the school’s goal of 90% attendance for all students and to discourage lateness, the Year 13 Dean sort to motivate students with the idea of ‘giving back’ to the community, rather than attending a traditional detention.

The initiative which was launched in 2017, has already donated 160 items to the Glen Innes Food Bank so this year.

When asked what this initiative taught them, Year 13 student Khylie Macfarlane said;  “It teaches me not to be late. I have only had to donate once.” In acknowledging one of the school’s core values Khylie says; “The initiative also teaches us to show integrity and to pay up what owe.”

Year 13 student Malia Mauala believes that this idea is “good because (through my lateness), I’m helping G.I”. Knowing that there are consequences for every action, good or bad, the Year 13 students learn that helping others without expectation makes them better people.


Article: Dj
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Photo: Gg