Te Wiki o te Reo Māori

Tāmaki College Celebrates Te Wiki o te Reo Māori 2018


With internal senior exams that took place last week, Tāmaki College moved the celebration of te wiki o te reo Māori to this week.

The theme for this year is:


“Ahakoa iti, ākona, kōrerotia. – Learn a little, use a little.”


To being the celebrations our Kaumatua Wally Noble launched the week with a Whakatau (welcoming) at morning Staff Debrief. This was followed by a korero from our whaine toa (strong women) from our Whare Kai (eating house) Tuitui and Genesis who shared with us their connection to the land and the people of this area.

To sum up the experience some of our Junior Girls from the Te Rōpū Te Poho ō Tāmaki preformed a waiata (song).

Each morning we will hear the kupu (words/phrases) for the day, shared by our tauira (students) through the schools PA system.


Rāhina/Monday Kupu: 

Tēnā koe – Hello to one person

Tēnā kōrua – Hello to two people

Tēnā koutou – Hello to three or more people


Rātū/Tuesday Kupu:

Tēnā koutou – Hello to three or more people

Haere rā – Goodbye/Farewell (person staying)

Noho ora mai – Goodbye/Farewell (person leaving)


Rāapa/Wednesday Kupu: 

Mauri ora – Life force


Rāpare/Thursday Kupu: 

Ata mārie – Good morning

Pō mārie – Good night 


Rāmere/Friday Kupu: 

Aroha – Love

Hūmārie – Gentleness/Peace